"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents  the wise choice of many alternatives ."

- William Foster

Effective communication is the result of the expression of ones thoughts through the right words armed with a flawless pronunciation.
A faulty pronunciation can dampen our spirits with its conveyance of wrong ideas and unintelligible words. Here is  where an understanding of the sounds in English becomes necessary. The "Better your English " course deals with all the aspects of English as a language which includes writing , listening .speaking and reading skills. After mastering the essentials of phonetics , the students move on to the other, nuances of the language like accent, conversation and fluency.
The BYE programme is delivered in multiple module. Each module is of 24 hour duration divided equally into three hour sessions each. The modules would be different for the different age group:



U.K.G & Class 1



18 Years & Above



Class 2 & 3

Empowering English


For women



Class 4 to 12




Every aspiring student begins with the module -1 Pertaining to his class/age group. There would be an assessment test before and after each of the module. All those who score the specified grade in the assessment test conducted after every module may enroll for the next module. Others may enroll for the same module once again. Fee for one module is Rs.5000/- only

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